St Augustine


St Augustine bridge of Lions.

I did an overnight solo trip from Savannah to St Augustine last night.  I was hoping to catch the north wind from the last frontal system but it was just too cold.  33 degrees, 25 knot wind, following seas and single handing didn’t sound like a good idea.  There was pretty much no wind for the whole trip so it was 26 hours of uneventful motoring in mostly flat seas.


After a cold night I was treated to a beautiful sunrise, and when I looked over the side I saw a pod of dolphins swimming alongside Skylark.   They swam with us for a long while, graceful and looking like they were enjoying it as much as i was, then they veered off and swam away.


Bridge near Savannah.


I left Skylark in Savannah to go visit Linda in Sunny Florida.


Got a root canal 🙂


Ďrove around on A1A.  Always wanted to do that.  Like a Jimmy Buffet song.


Florida parking lot wildlife.

6 thoughts on “St Augustine

  1. Glad you made it to Florida and hopefully beyond one day at a time !
    I’ll keep thruway mens group posted on ur adventure ! Godspeed Steve !

  2. Glad to see you are doing well Steve, this is Mike that you met in Virginia. If you want to hang out in New Orleans in May, I’ll be down there May 15th to 25th doing work on my Westsail. Not sure where your crushing plans will take you. Wish you well.

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