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Propane box


How do you reef this thing?

When I purchased Skylark I asked the previous owner how the reefing lines worked because I couldn’t figure it out.  His response was “reef?  If it gets too windy I drop the sails and motor back to the dock”.  Well that’s not gonna work out for me.  Skylark also had fixed lazy jacks and batters in the main so you had to go upwind to raise or lower the sail.  Hmm.  What if I don’t want to?  Or can’t?  I added a 3rd set of reef points to the main but haven’t rigged the 3rd yet.  The first 2 are rigged with all the lines on the starboard side of the boom at the clews so the sail falls neatly to port and doesn’t get pinched.  No lines are led to the cockpit.   I replaced the wires attached to the mast supporting the lazy jacks with blocks for line and can fully drop them.  I can reef going downwind up to around 15 kn by pulling the sail down with the reef lines.  


Added a Frigoboat system with a keel cooler .  It was power hungry until I reinsulated the box.  There’s a separate post on the reinsulation.  


Raymarine wind, depth and speed.  Replaced the wind sender after 2 years.

Auto pilot

Started out with a Raymarine wheel pilot.  It just couldn’t do it in anything heavy.  Flat water was great but waves or gusty winds and it was not in control.  I bought a CPT and I’m very Happy with it.




I did major electrical work to Skylark including add 4 6v golf cart batteries and a group 24 starter battery, move ac panel to add 2nd dc panel, add 3rd dc panel, 2000w inverter, 55a battery charger, link monitor, electric lift pump, replace all the heavy gauge cable starter, etc, 100a balmar alternator and external regulator, around 210w of solar, rewire starter circuit, replace most of the crimped on wire terminations, reran a lot of wire that was corroded too.  LED tricolor, deck lights (Amazon truck lights).  Lots of hours spent here.

Oh it’s got a spinnaker!

Rope work


Prop shaft stuffing box


Ubiquti bullet and a linksys router.  Both run on 12v.  The bullet has been mostly very good but is occasionally flaky.

Mast climbing

I use a rock climbing harness and foot stirrups, each attached to a rope ascender on a halyard with a 3rd ascender on a separate halyard as safety.