The Hole in White Sound

Survey of the hole.

The wind usually blows NE to SE in the Bahamas. The trade winds. The trades. Relentlessly east flowing further south the trades in the Bahamas are strongly affected by high and low pressure systems coming off the US coast. When a low comes through the wind veers 360 degrees over the course of a few days. Almost all of the anchorages here are good for east component winds but when the wind goes west as the low approaches it’s time to hide. The SW and then NW wind can be quite strong. We’re expecting passage of a low in the next day or two. This one isn’t particularly strong so it seemed an excellent opportunity to check out a lake attached to White Sound on Green Turtle Cay. With a hand held fish finder in the dinghy I did a survey of the lake on Wednesday (depth in meters). The chart is shown below.

Navionics chart

The entrance is very shallow. Less than three feet at low tide and rocky. Narrow.

It doesn’t look narrow in the picture but it is!

It ended up to be quite easy to get in about an hour before high tide.

Polynya at anchor in the lake

Linda is going to fly in on Sunday, we’re planning to stay in the lake until Monday when the wind goes East again.

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