There are lots of opportunities to snorkel and see underwater life here.  A few days ago I was scrubbing the bottom, of Skylark I mean, and watched a very large starfish make his way over the bottom.  They look like they are made of stone but this guy was moving along very nicely.  I didn’t have my camera but here are some other views of life underwater.


Here’s Sandy with tonight’s dinner

Rob found one too.

Snorkeling a wreck of a barge near Manjack Cay.  Many sea animals congregate around rocks, reefs and wrecks.

Brain coral.


And an old outboard near the wreck.

3 thoughts on “Snorkeling

  1. Cool! Some ice pics of coral. No buried treasure…..on a barge?! You never know……maybe next time. Conch for din din…..mmmmmm!

  2. Enjoy this magnificent time in your life! Discover life the way you have never seen it before! 💕

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