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Hey y’all
We’re leaving the Abacos today and heading for Beaufort, NC, about 470 nautical miles from here. The forecast doesn’t look agreeable for a non-stop to NY at this time but we’ll see what happens as we approach Beaufort. We expect to arrive Beaufort no later than Friday. As mentioned below you can track our progress at the link provided.

Vanity requires me to provide Skylark position reports to the few people that might care where she lies. The current plan calls for Rob to fly to the Bahamas on or around May 1 and to sail Skylark north, preferably non-stop to NY, about 900 nautical miles, 8-12 days is my best guess if non-stop is available to us.
In any event here’s a link to the tracking website. After we leave the Bahamas I’ll try to update daily. I’m planning to also post the position reports on

Fair winds to y’all

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    1. Following your position. Awesome! What an adventurer my Brother!! Fantastic! Safe return.

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