October 2016 sailing the Chesapeake

In October I went cruising the Chesapeake with my friend Rob on his boat Shearwater.  

I met Rob in Ocean City, MD while I was fixing Skylark.  Rob helped me bring Skylark to Norfolk in December 2015 (See Ocean City to Norfolk) and then in April 2016 we sailed from West Palm Beach to Morehead City, about 550 NM.  I’ll post another article about that trip.

Rob keeps Shearwater docked in the northern Chesapeake.  It’s none too deep there to begin with and the day we were scheduled to leave the wind was blowing so hard from the north that the water level in the  northern bay was too low to sail Shearwater which draws four feet, same as Skylark.  So we went to the Annapolis boat show instead.  We bought electronic flares that look just like the guy in the picture.

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