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  1. Hey Steve
    Hopefully, you won’t get this for a while because you are now on your way. I got back to my marina last night at 7pm after a 65 mile motor up the Bay in the rain. I talked to Robert last night. He said you had left yesterday morning and sent me a link to your locator. I looked at that this morning and it looked like you were still there – because you WERE. Anyway, I hope you have a good passage.

  2. Just looked at your tracker again. Looks like you are on the move. And looks like you left from Spanish Cay. I stopped there for my final fueling, after going to two places in Cooperstown that were both closed. Spanish Cay looked like a nice place but there was NO ONE there! A guy did come down to the fuel dock and get me filled up. I do wish I had spent more time in the northern part of the Abacos. It’s sure a wide open area.

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