Back at Allans Pensacola

Hurricane Hole at Pensacola

The forecast was for strong trade winds and fast moving cold fronts so Skylark is back at Allans with Polyna only this time we’re anchored in the lagoon at the southeast end of the island. We’ve been here over a week as the fronts keep rolling down, something about the jet stream, cyclogenesis, the polar vortex and techy weather stuff that I’m struggling to comprehend.

Early morning run to make the tide.

We anchored overnight in the main anchorage which is open to the west and left before dawn to make high tide as we entered the lagoon. There’s 2 other boats in the lagoon with Polynya and Skylark, both power boats and really nice folks.

Its 4+ feet all the way to the mangroves.

Skylark has 2 anchors down and we’re tied to the mangroves. The strongest winds in these events are from the southwest and northwest, we’re setup so the mangroves are roughly northwest. Being inside a hole like this, the wind is definitely diminished but sometimes becomes gusty or comes from odd directions. I shift and adjust the lines as the wind clocks around to keep them from getting tangled and to help Skylark lay as quietly as possible.

Atlantic side.

There’s a short trail to the Atlantic side of the island and it’s beautiful there. Stunning really with several small islands not far from the beach and the reef beyond them. The colors of the sky, the clouds and the water are amazing.

Who? What? Where?

There’s always a lot of stuff on the beach. Trash mostly that washes up but sometimes interesting items. We found this inside a bottle. Wonder what it could be or where it came from?

Hiking the wall at Allans
The wall.

John on Polynya heard there was an old wall on the island and suggested we hike to it. It’s partly visible on a satellite view of the island. Heavily overgrown now it’s quite large and well constructed of the native limestone. John, being something of a human GPS took us straight to it. We hiked a good portion of it walking on top of and next to it speculating on what purpose it might have served and who built it.

The forecast for the coming week is for favorable weather and if it holds we’ll probably move out of here around Wednesday or Thursday.

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  1. Looks amazing Steve and so nice and Warm. Going to dig out the chart and see if I can find the hurricane hole.

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