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Looking down

Here’s some quick photos I took today.  I was working on the mast wiring as the wiring conduit has come loose and noticed some fish swimming by.  I was too slow to catch them either for dinner or with the camera but these guys were still about.  We’re in about 6 feet of water here and you can see the bottom like it’s an inch deep.


Hopetown lighthouse

Skylark is anchored outside Hopetown again.  There’s a songwriter’s festival here this week but I’m not going in tonight.  

I took a walk up the lighthouse today.  It was built in 1863 and it’s reported that some of the locals tried to sabotage it because they were afraid it would interfere with their livelihood of salvaging wrecks.  Hmmm, they seem friendly enough.


There’s a magnificent view from the top.  Incidentally this is the only kerosene lit manually operated lighthouse in the world.  Go Hometown!


Skylark is anchored at Tiloo Cay tonight. I went to Marsh but didn’t stay overnight, just long enough to find out my Canadian friends were heading to Hopetown so I went there. Helen on “ain’t Misbehavin “entered her 43′ shucker motor sailor in the hopetown boat club’s race. We had a hoot. There was also a benefit concert for a schooner in man o war some of the Canadian cruisers played in

. Wonderful music and perfect weather.

We may hang here for a few days or go down to little harbor if the cut isn’t too rough.

I’ve been sailing with the wind vane and it’s like magic. I’ve motored Skylark a lot in the past but I’m determined to sail everywhere I possibly can here. If that means sitting so be it. I left treasure after a few days but it was blowing 15-18 on the nose. Went 2 miles and turned around, anchored at treasure and stayed another week. A cruiser took me out fishing and I shot a lobster there. Beautiful beach too.

I’m very excited Linda, Rob and Ron are coming soon and looking forward to all of us getting together.