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Skylark is anchored at Tiloo Cay tonight. I went to Marsh but didn’t stay overnight, just long enough to find out my Canadian friends were heading to Hopetown so I went there. Helen on “ain’t Misbehavin “entered her 43′ shucker motor sailor in the hopetown boat club’s race. We had a hoot. There was also a benefit concert for a schooner in man o war some of the Canadian cruisers played in

. Wonderful music and perfect weather.

We may hang here for a few days or go down to little harbor if the cut isn’t too rough.

I’ve been sailing with the wind vane and it’s like magic. I’ve motored Skylark a lot in the past but I’m determined to sail everywhere I possibly can here. If that means sitting so be it. I left treasure after a few days but it was blowing 15-18 on the nose. Went 2 miles and turned around, anchored at treasure and stayed another week. A cruiser took me out fishing and I shot a lobster there. Beautiful beach too.

I’m very excited Linda, Rob and Ron are coming soon and looking forward to all of us getting together.

Race day in Hopetown!

No that’s not us.
That’s us
That’s us too. Boner is lashed to the mast
Going upwind

Wednesday is race day everywhere there are sailboats.   It’s not just that sailors are competitive but a lot of the joy of sailing is learning how to get a little extra speed.  It’s easy to learn the basics but there’s always room to improve. 

The starting line

We raced on Helen’s boat Ain’t Misbehavin, a 43′ motor sailor.  It’s a really great boat but not known for it’s sailing prowess. Helen is a really good sport and actually won an award to prove it.

The proud skipper

We got off to a great start.  It’s tricky to cross the start line at exactly the right time under sail.  We were an awesome crew, we worked like a precision machine but…we came in last.  Actually they pulled the markers before we finished the course.  No worries we had an amazing race a terrifically fun time.


Stop that swing

Skylark tends to swing and sail at anchor which can be very annoying. It’s not so much the motion of the swinging but she’ll come broadside to the wind and heel over in 20-25 knots of wind. Think rolling around in your bunk. The other big issue is she’ll snatch at the anchor rode and can make quite a bit of noise as it’s amplified by the hull. This would startle me awake sometimes. I have an all 1/4" chain rode and tie a 1/2" nylon line to the chain with a rolling hitch then hitched to the boat either over the anchor roller or through a hawse hole in the bow. I never liked the stress of the rode over the roller and can see some movement has occurred at the attachment point of the roller. Taking the line through the hawse hole takes the strain off the roller but makes even more noise as the boat swings back and forth.

So I finally tied a 2nd line to the 1st as a bridle. There’s about 20′ of snubber line and the 2nd line is tied with a rolling hitch at about water level with equal lengths of line between the boat and the rolling hitch that joins them. What a difference! Almost no noise an much less swing. Easy to do too.

New crew

Sadly, Minnie, one of Linda’s two Yorkies died unexpectedly.  Linda was broken hearted as she’s a real dog lover.  She seems to have magic powers over them and they all love her.  It’s uncanny.  One of her many special qualities.

A breeder contacted Linda to let her know that a Yorkie puppy was available and Linda fell in love.   You can see why.

That’s the new pup Olive Oyl and Baxter behind her.

Linda named here Olive Oyl and we hope she’ll be cruising with us soon.