Swimming pigs of Abaco

Linda and I anchored Skylark at No Name Cay to see the pigs. The island is uninhabited except for a community of wild pigs and a popular spot for tourists.

They weren’t doing much swimming while we were there but it was fun to feed them apples and sweet potatoes.

Oh Swell!

The storm that battered the north east moved into the Atlantic and generated tremendous waves.  By the time these waves arrived in the Bahamas, several hundred miles away they were still 15+ feet.  We went to the Atlantic side of Man O War Cay to check them out.  Most of the energy of the waves is spent on the reefs in the distance,  you can see the line of breakers.  The waves arriving on shore are still huge.

Along the eastern edge of the Abacos are several breaks in the reef line which provide access from the sea of Abaco to the Atlantic.  Conditions like this are called a Rage and make the cuts impassable.

Looking down

Here’s some quick photos I took today.  I was working on the mast wiring as the wiring conduit has come loose and noticed some fish swimming by.  I was too slow to catch them either for dinner or with the camera but these guys were still about.  We’re in about 6 feet of water here and you can see the bottom like it’s an inch deep.